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There is so much that we can do nowadays to contribute to zero waste.  Small changes make a big difference in a year!

Here are a few simple, yet effective swaps ...  and the added bonus is that every product is multi-functional.  


Boo Boo Bar contains Tea Tree that is a natural antiseptic

Mellow Yellow has Turmeric essential oil that is known for its anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. 

They are good replacements for liquid hand-wash soap. 

If you want to take it a step further, pop it in a tin in your bag if you go to public places!


Shave Shed Soap, as well as the Aftershave Balm, can be used by both men and women for shaving.   There is also have the added bonus that these products do not cause a rash. 


Char Char Bar, Untainted Love and Crimson Cocoa are great chemical free face cleansers, but can also be used as body soaps.  You can even shave with it.

Konjac sponges are also a great natural replacement for non-biodegradable sponges or microfiber cloths that sheds tiny plastic particles down the drain.


The Shampoo Bars have no nasties in them and are wonderful for replacing commercial shampoo.

It has also been certified to use all over your body, so its great to pop in a tin when you are travelling.  As their are no liquids, you can fly with only a carry-on. 

Deep Daizy & Crazy Daizy are all organic natural dry shampoo.

It is great for your scalp and hair and no aerosol involved.