All our paper and card products are vegan friendly (we’ve always taken this as a given and only recently added symbols to let other people know). We’ll be adding them to all our ranges as soon as time allows. Hopefully the following information will be of interest.

Re Animal Friendly Product Specifications

All of our paper, card and packaging products are made from recycling waste paper collected from household and industry paper collections, which should not contain any animal waste products but we could not 100% guarantee this. The paper is then thoroughly cleaned to remove any such contaminates before processing.

The modern recycling process itself doesn't require the use of animal products or any animal testing.

Most of the materials we sell is not dyed and where the material is coloured, the dyes used will always be up to the latest EU safety
legislation, and will be non-toxic and free from any animal pigments such as cochineal.

Our envelopes are free from animal based adhesives and do not contain any gelatine. (The sealed parts use PVA and the flap glue is potato starch based)

Our clear bags are oil / corn starch based with the self seal bags using a non toxic petro-chemical based adhesive tape (free from any animal products including Gelatine).

In essence, as far as is humanly possible we are happy that our products are animal friendly and should be suitable for use by vegetarians / vegan.