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We decided to add this butterfly Safety Razor to our site, as so many people are now reverting back to this method of shaving.

It's had such good feedback for giving a great shave; you have less ingrown hair, it is extremely cost-effective and absolutely eco-friendly.


You might not want to replace it at all after trying it! We will supply this with a pack of 5 spare blades.



The frame is 100% Stainless Steel for durability.

Long textured handle - provides a good grip - even with wet and soapy hands!

Completely handmade

Easy blade replacement

Comes With a Pack of 5 Double Side Blades



The shaving experience is entirely different from that of the plastic ones. The handle gives a good amount of weight and therefore you do not apply any pressure. The weight of the razor should be the sole pressure.Two tips for a great shave every time:

Treat it with respect (it's sharp!)

Always make sure the twist closer at the top is tight - a loose blade can hurt you.


Age 18 and over:- by ordering, you are confirming you are over 18. 


Razor handle length: 9.5 cm

Total length: 11 cm

Razor head: 4 cm

Butterfly Safety Razor - Double edge - Entry Level

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