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Cheeky Chops KIDS  Body Products 100% Na

Babies & Kids

Cheeky Chops is a 100% natural range we developed for babies and children fully certified from newborns.


We used only the finest quality natural ingredients that treat, nurture, and pampers the skin.

  • No nut oils

  • No Fragrances

  • No Sulfates

  • No Petrochemicals

  • No Parabens

  • No Preservatives

Kristiana left us this review:

"I am totally in love with this brand!  I use the baby soap on my little one and her skin is always super soft!


The way my order arrives is so special as well!  Carefully packed with so much love and always arriving on time with a little extra and a personalised note!  I`m always excited to open it and can`t wait to try more products!


Great customer service and communication as well!  I am definitely coming back for more and telling my friends about it too!


I highly recommend this store!"

Recent studies have highlighted the following on baby massage and topical applications: 

  • It is best to avoid the use of oils on the skin until the baby is at least one month old.


  • On current advice, olive oil and sunflower oil should be avoided on newborn skin (under four weeks old). 


  • Coconut oil appears to be suitable for massage based on its chemical makeup but within the parameters set above, (although no study has been conducted on its use)


  • Although sunflower oil is not suitable for newborn baby’s skin, no study has been done on its suitability for babies older than 4-6 weeks. After 6 weeks when the skin has matured, sunflower oil could be used.


  • Avoid essential oils for massage with babies under three months and then only with supervision from an aromatherapist. 


  • Always do a patch test on oils on a baby’s skin.


  • Baby massage is best practiced from 8 weeks although skin to skin is encouraged from birth.

  • Traditionally natural vegetable-based oils have been used for baby massage for hundreds of years. Further research needs to be done to determine when and what oil is suitable for the baby’s skin at each stage.

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