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These skin issues are very complex, we have experienced it for ourselves and seen it in countless other people's walks.  It truly is a walk, as it has to be managed almost consistently.   

Every person's skin is unique and has different triggers that set off a bad cycle. What do wonders for the one, might not work for someone else.  But the one thing everyone has in common is that many man-made ingredients and fragrances exacerbate their skin condition.  

Your skin understands nature and can relate to 100% natural ingredients.

The simple switch to truly natural products made a turnaround in our own skins.  I almost immediately get a spot of psoriasis if I use liquid soap in a public restroom. I now carry soap in a tin!  

From personal experience with eczema, psoriasis and keratosis pilaris, we found that a full circle approach reaps the best results. 

  • It is important that as little as possible synthetic ingredients, fragrances, and materials touch your body.

- Always start with your washing powder; even after a rinse residue of softener and artificial fragrances remains in your clothes, towels, and bed sheets.  You spend most of your life enveloped in them.  Make sure your detergents are the most gentle ones on the market. 

- What are your clothes and bed sheets made of. Does it allow your skin to breathe?  We have seen how a simple change to cotton sheets can make a difference.


  • Once you have eliminated those triggers, look at your body and hair products.  Keep it simple, organic, non-GMO and make sure it is really 100% natural.   Putting natural butter on your eczema hands is going to have no lasting effect if you use your hands to wash your hair with a shampoo containing sulfates. 


Give it time ... it takes time to allow the skin to adjust to a natural product.  Your skin has adapted to tolerate synthetic ingredients.   It had to produce more oils as products stripped it and interfered with the normal skin cycle. Give it time to balance out.

  • Surprisingly a lot of skin issues start in your gut.  Use a good probiotic, and make sure it contains live cultures.  


  • Lastly a little tip, we found that four-ish organic Redbush tea bags in your bath help with flare-ups.   

  • Boo Boo Bar has powerful Frankincense that is excellent for skin conditions.  It also contains Tea Tree that is a natural antisepticTherefore great to replace liquid soap.  And it can be carried in a tin in your bag if you go to public places.

  • Sensitive Soul has had great feedback from those suffering from eczema or psoriasis.  Organic Redbush & Calendula has been used for skin conditions through the ages.


  • Another all-rounder is Rooibos Rush, customers who have keratosis pilaris said they noticed a difference in their skin.

  • Untainted Love and Crimson Cocoa are great chemical-free face cleansers, body soap and a shampoo bar.

  • Fresh Tresses & Hair Hero have no nasties in them and are wonderful for replacing shampoo.

  • Shave Shed Soap can be used by both men and women for shaving. 

DISCLAIMER The information on this website is not a substitute for medical advice and is for information purposes only.  We are not medically trained and can only share with you what has personally worked for us.

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