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100% Natural Body Butter Sensitive Skin

Product Shelf Live

All our products are anhydrous (does not contain any water) and are therefore technically stable for at least 30 months.   


Anhydrous products have several advantages.

  • Research has shown that they penetrate the skin barrier more efficiently.  This means that the cells that need active ingredients, gain the full therapeutic value. 

  • Anhydrous products are also much more stable and are self-preserving.  They require only antioxidants; we use natural non-GMO Vitamin E that help naturally keep the products fresh while benefiting the skin.

  • Another benefit of not using any water is that a little goes a long way. Our products are highly concentrated, you need less product for each application. 


Butters, Oils & Moisturisers

Products kept in a sealed container, in a cool place, away from direct sunshine can last for a very long time.   The secret is in how you store them.  Once opened, we recommend using it within 6 months.  Not-so-clean fingers & water are the two culprits that can contaminate your butters & oils.

You will notice that our butters, creams & oils have a Best Before of 2 years; this is on recommendation from our Cosmetic Safety Consultants.   


We store our products according to strict guidelines, therefore encouraging a long shelf life. Consider the 2 years BBE as a reference; do not throw away any product past the BBE date if it still smells & looks good!  Use your discretion.  

We make small batches, so we will not send you anything old.




Handmade soaps usually get better with age and if left undisturbed, the soap remains soap for years! It should still be just as effective at cleaning no matter how old it is!  You might, however, find that the colours fade and the essential oils do not smell quite as strong as it matures.   But you will be surprised how the aroma will unlock if you start washing with it!

Soap likes to breathe, that is why we package it in a natural material that allows the soap to get some air.  Exposure to air promotes the hardening of your soap which contributes to longer-lasting soap.


Once you start using your soap, you can get the most of it by thoroughly drying it out between uses.  Our handmade soaps do not contain any hardeners or detergents, therefore, it is important never to let it stand in water. 


Make sure your soap dish allows the water to drain completely; we recommend a soap dish that has grooves or slats that allow the bar to dry out all around.  This will help keep the soap fresh and the bar will also last longer.

Enjoy the products!

100% Natural Soap Zero Waste Sustainable
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