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Your Eco Footprint 

We love making eco-friendly body products!  But we love it even more than we are connected to so many like-minded people who are equally passionate about 100% natural body care.  People who make a difference every day by using sustainably sourced ingredients, and eco-friendly packaging and that washes a biodegradable product down the drain without harming the environment.   Every day we make our body products count for something more than just personal care!    

It is increasingly important to take stock of what we as consumers can contribute to a better environment on all levels.   We don’t want to harm ourselves or the planet we depend on to survive.  

Let’s get real, what are you actually contributing when you go a bit ‘greener’ with your body products?  Rest assured, the impact is far greater than a recyclable box or tin.

Let’s take a snapshot of your day and look at your daily shower or bath time.  Cutting down on a commercial body wash alone in the shower or bath is a big step towards sustainability.

Eden Days Body sell real soap, made from a combination of butter, oils, water and lye.  This lye is crucial to the whole soap-making process, turning the butters and oils into soap and glycerine. The lye is used up in this saponification process, it completely disappears in the curing stage, leaving you with a 100% natural soap.

A commercial body wash is a detergent, it contains additional chemicals called surfactants to help you get clean.  It takes 5 times more energy to produce and requires a lot more packaging.   The larger, weighty plastic bottles leave quite a carbon footprint to transport and recycle.  According to research, we use 7 times more shower gel per wash than what we would have with a bar of soap! 

And getting back to the detergents, did you know they are usually petroleum-based?  Then you have the added parabens, preservatives & and phthalates, surfactants, artificial colours, and fragrances … you get the picture.  As it washes off your body down the drain, it leaves a different kind of footprint that stretches further than a plastic container.

We’ve not even looked at shampoo bars versus bottled shampoo, shaving soaps versus aerosol foams, dry shampoos, body butters, etc…

Just throwing it in here; it takes 10 -15 trucks to transport a liquid shampoo that gives you the same amount of washes as the one truckload of shampoo bars.   

Your impact on the environment is so significant by just switching to a skin-loving soap bar!  If you manage to do it with more products, the circle of effect increases greatly. 

We can safely say that you make quite a difference every day and you make such an impact in a year.  You chose a consumer to make your products count.  Tap yourself on the shoulder! 

Hair Hero Shampoo Bar Zero Waste 1 COMP.

PS: Please note that real soap can come in liquid form made from vegetable oils.  These are normally castile soap.  You can also have a bar of ‘soap’ that contains synthetic ingredients and is a detergent!

Always check the label, if it does not say SOAP,  it is a detergent.    Your commercial shower gels, body wash , solid bars and shampoos are normally detergents. 

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