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If you are new to natural hair care and using a solid shampoo bar, this set is a great way to start your journey. It contains everything you need to make your transition as smooth as possible.


The set includes:

Clay Day 40g - A mask to remove build-up from your hair such as silicones and sulfates. Build-up on the hair shaft attracts soap residue and can cause waxy hair.


100% Natural Untainted Love Shampoo Bar 90g - This bar is formulated for hard water areas and builds up a wonderful foam! With no essential oils, Rhassoul Clay that is a natural cleanser, and a Horsetail infusion that inhabits natural silicones, this bar is the right match for any hair type. It is 59% Organic and also perfect for sensitive skin and scalp.


pHabsolute Clarity - pH balancing hair rinse with natural protein and silicone - 80 washes. It restores the pH of your scalp and hair follicles, allowing your follicles to lay flat. It also stops mineral build-up from hard water and soap suds from clinging to the hair shaft. This gives you back that all-important shine!


Ahoy Monoi 50 ml - A hair treatment infused with Gardenia flowers and Aloe Vera. This treatment repairs damaged keratin fibers, adds shine to hair, and reduces tangles. Use before you shampoo on hair tips or all over hair as a deep treatment mask.


Instruction leaflet - all you need to know to make this a pleasant transition.


Wood 1ml spoon.



No palm oils


Biodegradable formulations

Sustainably sourced ingredients

Eco-friendly packaging

Handmade in Surrey & The Gower, Swansea

100% Natural Hair Care Starter Pack - Zero Waste

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  • We follow Good Manufacturing Practices as required by law.
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